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Popular trout and salmon flies

Brian’s Green Spider tied by B Robinson

Greenwells Glory Wetfly

Yellow dun Dry tied by T Turnbull

There are many flies that are used locally and a good source for the flies and information can be obtained from CA Andersons.

Salmon flies that are successful on local waters include Bann Special, Red Shrimp, Wyebug and Gold Shrimp to name but a few.

Trout flies depend on the time of year but locally flies such as March Brown, Greenwells Glory and Blue Dun are successful early in the season. Moving on through the months Iron Blue Dun, Tups Indispensible, Hares Ear and Pheasant Tail are all good flies. Blue winged Olives ,Red Spinners and White Moths all fish well later on in the season.