Committee & Bailiffs 2021

President: J.  Fergy

Chairman: F. Spratt

Honorary Secretary: T. Smithson

Honorary Assistant Secretary: T Quinn

Honorary Treasurer: I. Grieve

Honorary Assistant Treasurer: S. Colgan

General Committee :

B. Mc Gillion ,  R. Wilson,  M. Kelly , J. Martin  , N. Hall, R Kerrigan ,A. Lyttle, R. Donnell  ,R. Hannigan , K. Harvey, P. Donaldson,  B. McFarland,

Co-opted Committee: N/A

Bailiffs for 2021: S. Colgan, B. Mc Gillion, G Armstrong, R. Donnell, M. Kelly, B Virtue, P. Donaldson, R. Kerrigan, R Hannigan, T Quinn, M Sharkey

Bailiffs 2021

The Bailiffs are here to protect the fishing for paid up members and visitors, they should not be harassed when carrying out their duties. Afford them the respect they deserve as they protect the fishing for the members Shane Colgan, Brian Mc Gillion, Tommy Quinn, R Hannigan Martin Sharkey, Robbie Kerrigan, Richard Donnell Paul Donaldson,  …