Temporary Suspension of Fishing

Omagh Anglers Association have now put a temporary suspension on club waters due to the extreme heat and prevailing low water conditions. we will notify of any change as soon as possible. Club permit holders are asked to use common sense and refrain from angling in such conditions. Fish caught in such environmental conditions have an extremely high mortality rate and are unlikely to survive

We have been working already in conjunction with the Loughs Agency and we had asked and received the deployment of their aeration equipment on the River Strule in known spots where the water temperature had risen to over 23 degrees and where the oxygen levels are low. Of course the rivers are to vast to cover all areas but we are attempting to do our best. These were asked for on Monday and today wednesday once water temps have been checked.

There will also be no day tickets for sale at this juncture.

Keep fingers crossed for a marked reduction in temperature and some very heavy rain!!