FASTA and the rainbow Trout infestation below Newtownstewart

There have been several meetings over the last few weeks with the affiliates of FASTA to organise the response and move the issue forward with regards the huge quantities of rainbow trout that are now in the Strule and Mourne RiversRepresentatives from Omagh Anglers Association have been present at the meetings and are giving voice as to what should happen next regards this issue for our Club.

There have been several meetings with DEARA and Dawnfresh (owners of the fish farm) alongside other Statuatory bodies to try and find a solution to the possible 1.2million rainbow trout that have been released into the river system.  These trout will be in competition for food supplies and are more than likely to have a devastating affect on the natural trout and ecosystem of the Strule. Another meeting is taking place this week with the Loughs Agency acting as Facilitators. A lot of information has already come forward from outside groups as to the affect these trout can have and how we should remove them .

Anglers are reporting downstream of Newtownstewart of huge catches usually in the hundreds per day.

We need as much information as possible as to how widespread this problem has become. Please see the email address below of the Secretary of FASTA Mr David Nelson who is co-ordinationg the response and the way ahead for the clubs and affiliates of FASTA. He needs to get responses in to where the rainbow trout are being caught, what quantities and sizes are being caught and what sort of bait is being used. If you can provide this information it would be most helpful in painting a picture  for the ongoing battle. Davids email is :

Many thanks in advance for your assistance

Terry Smithson Secretary.