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To all members re the Camowen River

Omagh Anglers Association and the River Camowen

On behalf of Omagh Anglers Association I have been asked as Secretary to confirm that Omagh Anglers still continues to hold the lease for the fishing rights on a substantial section of the River Camowen and its tributaries. This water has been with the club from the early days in the late 1940s and when the Belmore …

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Omagh Anglers coaching day

Omagh Anglers Association recently organised an angling development day for young people in the Omagh area. The day was co-ordinated by Shane Colgan and we were fortunate to have the services of Packie Trotter of APGAI-Ireland to put everyone through their paces. We are grateful for the help provided by Seamus Cullinan of the Loughs …

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Fishing in 1945, a diary kept by Alo Mc Donald

This is a fishing diary kept by Mr Alo Mc Donald from the year 1945. he had 42 days fishing catching 118 trout which weighed 59lbs weight. Most of the fishing was carried out around the Stonebridge area of the Strule and all were caught on the fly.The notes at the bottom of the page …

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Omagh Anglers Association Letter to the Loughs Agency

On behalf of Omagh Anglers Association  I corresponded with Mr Anderson about the Loughs Agency stance on catch and release. I queried the methods being used to introduce this policy and also suggested some alternative suggestions about the way forward whereby we can all work together for the betterment of the Foyle system in general …

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Catch and Release on the way!!!!

At a sometimes very heated meeting between the Committee of Omagh Anglers and John Mc Cartney of the Loughs Agency ,Mr Mc Cartney revealed that his preferred method in dealing with the declining numbers of salmon that his counter at Sion Mills was able to verify is Catch and Release. To date his counter only …

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Fish Kill on the Owenreagh River June 2010

Pollution Case near Fintona At a sitting of Omagh Court on the 12th August 2011, Mr Desmond Moore from 12 Corryglass Road, Fintona was fined for causing deleterious matter to enter the Barr River near Fintona, Co Tyrone. Loughs Agency Fishery Officers were made aware of the pollution incident after an anonymous call on the …

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Can I please remind all anglers to return their unused tags and catch returns as soon as possible to the Loughs Agency Headquarters in Prehen. It is important to do so as the introduction of Catch And Release next year may depend on these returns. If we don’t do it and it may help then …

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October 2011

Another season over and varying reports on failure and success. Some very excellent catches on the Camowen with quite a few salmon returned carefully to the water. The same story on the Drumragh with H Mc Sorley catching and releasing several salmon on the upper reaches of the Drumragh and Owenreagh. As many will have …

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End of September 2011

The Officers of the Club have had a busy few weeks with several meetings being attended. The Secretary ,Treasurer ,Chairman and Assistant Treasurer all met up with Dr Paul Johnston in the Silverbirch Hotel on the 13th September to discuss the next Hydroelectric scheme on our rivers. It is to be sited directly above the …

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