78th Annual General Meeting 2022

Unfortunately , due again to the current Covid 19 regulations and the rapidly spreading strain of Covid, it is not possible for us to hold a traditional public meeting again for our AGM as we have been accustomed to.  It is vital that club business continues and our club committee will move forward and continue to plan for the year ahead.

Terry Smithson (Secretary), Freddie Spratt (Chairman), Ivan Grieve (Treasurer) at the Clubs AGM on the 22nd Feb 2018

In the absence of our AGM the following arrangements have been made. A copy of the Chairperson’s address and the Secretary’s report will be available on our website. Members can request a copy of our normal AGM booklet which will also contain these along with the Treasurer’s report by emailing oaareports@hotmail.com by Sunday 27th February.

All Association officers will continue in their respective positions for another year. It is proposed that the sitting Committee will ratify Association Officer roles at the earliest opportunity for a monthly meeting.

We are sure all our Club members will appreciate that we are in difficult  and unprecedented times, and these arrangements have been made with the interests of our community in mind and in an effort to avoid public contacts  whilst also avoiding exclusion of members who do not have access to online meetings. So please stay safe , keep your distance and follow all Covid 19 Regulations fully.  

I will publish my Yearly report on the website and will ask Seamus Cullinan for his annual update which I will publish here as well.

Terry Smithson
Honorary Secretary