Fishing in 1945, a diary kept by Alo Mc Donald

Alo Mc Donalds fishing diary from 1945

This is a fishing diary kept by Mr Alo Mc Donald from the year 1945. he had 42 days fishing catching 118 trout which weighed 59lbs weight. Most of the fishing was carried out around the Stonebridge area of the Strule and all were caught on the fly.The notes at the bottom of the page refer to 3 salmon that he caught that season, and he got 10 shillings, 6 shillings 9d and 6 shillings 3d for them respectively. PC refers to P Cunningham one of the founders of Omagh Anglers Association. In 1948 which is the earliest club newsletter from the AGM(I have in my possession courtesy of Jackie Mc Gale) Alo Mc Donald paid 6 shillings for his years fishing..Many thanks to his daughter Bernie for supplying me with his records.

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