Fish Kill on the Owenreagh River June 2010

Pollution Case near Fintona

At a sitting of Omagh Court on the 12th August 2011, Mr Desmond Moore from 12 Corryglass Road, Fintona was fined for causing deleterious matter to enter the Barr River near Fintona, Co Tyrone.

Loughs Agency Fishery Officers were made aware of the pollution incident after an anonymous call on the evening of Monday 7th June 2010. Upon inspection, the slurry was traced back to a diary farm belonging to Mr Moore and was found to have caused a substantial fish kill.

The District Judge found Mr Moore guilty of causing deleterious matter to enter the river and ordered him to pay a £750 fine and costs of £411.04.

John McCartney, Director of Conservation and Protection commented ‘this case highlights the importance of the public in being observant and reporting concerns they have about possible river pollution through our 24hr response line 02871 342100 ’.