Mc Bride and Courtney Cup 2019

Alan Norby receiving the McBride Cup from Chairman, F Spratt

The Clubs two cups were fished for on Sunday 5th May at Birchwood Fishery in Drumquin. Many thanks to Birchwood and also thanks for sponsoring two prizes on the day. 28 anglers availed of the pleasant conditions but at times it was cold and the fish stayed down. It is a great pity that more anglers could not support this event considering we have approx. 870 members in total. It took only 5 minutes for the members to start catching and several big rainbows came to the net. The Secretary was kept busy on the specimen lake running from one end to the other with the weigh scales, and each trout was getting bigger. Started off with a 6lb , then up to 8lb followed quickly with a few around the 9lb mark. Young Jordan McFarland caught his 9lb winning trout in this early session. All the anglers had at least hooked one trout by lunchtime . At the end of the day 195 trout were caught at Birchwood. The afternoon session brought a umber of bigger trout from the specimen lake although Pearse McKernan got an 11lb trout from one of the smaller lakes. A great days craic was had by all and the afternoon session on the specimen lake produced some fantastic trout. Alan Norby caught his trout late on in the afternoon at his first stand on the specimen lake and it was a huge trout of approx 14.5lb. Alan received the McBride Cup and a voucher for £100. Jordan McFarland won the Courtney Cup with his 9lb trout and got and new fly rod kit as well. The money raised from the draw at the Angling Fair in Castlederg and the entrance fees for the competition are going to be made up to a donation of £500 which will be handed over to the Local Special Olympic Group. We had several great prizes on the day for the draw with the first prize being a box of salmon flies donated by John Martin.