2018 Mc Bride Cup and Courtney Cup at Birchwood Fishery Drumquin, Sunday 6th May

A. Mc Farland receivng the Mc Bride Cup and other prizes from Jackie Fergy and Freddie Spratt.

We had a very successful competition this year at Birchwood Fishery Drumquin. Many thanks to Stevie and Ian on the day for helping it run smoothly.  This is Omagh Anglers Association 75th Anniversary year and to help celebrate on the day of the competition we had hot food in the form of Burgers, sausages and chips for all present at no extra cost. Thank you to Neil Moody and his wife for the tasty bites , they went down well after a hard mornings fishing. The weather was very kind to us on the day starting of a bit overcast but warm  and brightening up in the afternoon with a bit of a breeze most of the day.

We allowed all the juniors to have full access to the lake with the larger trout in the morning session which they enjoyed immensely and a few good trout were caught in the morning. The adults then got on this lake in the afternoon split into two groups with each having an hour and a half on the lake. The afternoon session seen the trout a tad slower coming to the net maybe due to the bright sunshine but things did pick up again after 3pm and several more trout came to the net. Over 250 trout were caught by the anglers on the day.

We had coaching for any junior anglers that turned up and qualified coaches put these young budding anglers through their paces on the bait lake and several of them caught trout.

 We have two new names on the cups this year with Alan Mc Farland making the jump from being the nearly man over the last two years to coming out on top this year with a trout of 11lb 9ozs. Well done to Alan. This won Alan the Mc Bride cup and a £100 voucher for Andersons . Pat Mc Devitt came second with most trout caught (£75 voucher)and Colin Fisher picked up 3rd prize(£50 Voucher) for the second heaviest trout at 9lb 6ozs. Colin also picked up the the prize(£20 voucher) for the first trout caught in the morning by an adult. Pearse Mc Kernan got a prize(£20 voucher) for the first trout in the afternoon.

This year Justin Elliot won the Courtney Cup with the heaviest trout at 10lb 3ozs , well done Justin for a great display of casting on the day. Last years champion Jordan Mc Farland came second this year with most trout caught at also picked up the two spot prizes for first trout caught in the morning and afternoon sessions. James Mc Farland was third placed with the second heaviest trout  at 8lb 10ozs . Well done to all. We had prizes for all and thank you to Ian Sproule of Birchwood Fishery for sponsoring three day tickets for the juniors. 

I would just like to say a thank you to all who turned up to fish in the competition and hope that you had a great day and also a huge thanks to the Officers , Committee members and Coaches (Shane , Brian and Brendan) who turned up on the day to assist with the event. As they seen all hands are needed to keep things running smoothly.

This was a great way to acknowledge Omagh Anglers Association 75th Anniversary. More photos will follow. Many thanks to Mr Kenny Harvey for being official Club Photographer on the day! All photos on the post are from Kenny.

We also had our fundraising draw after the competition and results will follow on another post.


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    • Adam breen on May 9, 2018 at 8:20 pm

    Brilliant day-committee need congratulated on a flawless day from start to finish. Setting a high bar for the 100th anniversary…….for those of us see it!

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