2017 Season as agreed at the AGM. Catch and Release from 1st October

On February 23rd 2017 at the AGM it was proposed from the floor and with a majority vote that the Association would make all waters of the Association Catch and Release  for Salmon fishing from 1st  October. Some had called for catch and release to be introduced mid September but after some discussion the 1st October was settled on as the date to introduce Catch and Release. It was decided that after this date that all salmon caught should be returned carefully to the river using full catch and release practises. Remember that bait fishing is not allowed after the 1st October as it is harder to safely release salmon using this method.

This was thought to be a better idea than closing the season early which had been done in 2012. Thankfully as the years have progressed we have now many more members practising catch and release so this should not really cause too much of an upset to most. I would like to thank all these members for being proactive in protecting salmon for the years ahead. We are complying with the majority of members feelings who attended the AGM in Feb 2017. Don’t forget if you kill a salmon then you are denying this fish the possibility of spawning which in turn will only help decline salmon numbers for future generations. Please see catch and release information below. Read the rest of this entry »


Some photos from the Competitions at Birchwood Fishery 2017

Ricardo with a winning trout!

Davy Fulton playing a lovely rainbow trout
Keith Pattison brining one to the net!
Waiting on the results!
Anthony Lyttle netting a trout for Ronan Lyttle
one to the net!

S Martin waiting on the take!

S Colton with 3lb rainbow

some of the junior prize winners

J Smithson receiving a prize from Shane Colgan with Brian and Richard

Simon Harkness getting his prize from Shane Colgan

Aidan Loughrey and Alan Mc Farland joint second place

Gary Wolfe getting his prize from Shane Colgan


2017 Mc Bride and Courtney Cup Competitions at Birchwood Fishery Drumquin

Lionel Knobbs presenting prizes to Omagh Anglers Terry Smithson and Shane Colgan for the Birchwood competitions

Jordan Mc Farland receiving first prize and the Courtney Cup from Shane Colgan

"Ricardo" receiving first prize and the Mc Bride Cup from Shane Colgan

We had another successful event at the Birchwood Fishery this year .We had 38 anglers at the event with 11 juniors .The weather was much improved from this time last year which had provided us with gales and hail and sleet showers. The morning session was overcast but unfortunately for the anglers we had a cloudless sky in the afternoon and the fishing was indeed very difficult. We had our usual prizes and this year the Loughs Agency and Lionel Knobbs sponsored 5 of the spot prizes for the Association. A lot of trout were taken on the buzzers with others taking dryfly. The spot prizes were given out first trout caught in each session(Morning and Afternoon) and also for the most improved junior on the day. Simon Harkness and Gary Wolfe won the adult prizes and Jordan Mc Farland and Jamie Smithson won the junior prizes. Oran Mc Elroy was the winner of the most improved junior prize.

The Courtney Cup for juniors was this year won by Jordan Mc Farland  for the heaviest trout. He had a great day and could have featured in a number of the prizes, he knows the fishery very well! We had a tie for second place with R. Lyttle, C Wormersly, James Mc Farland and S Colton all finishing with the same number of trout  so all received a prize. Shane Colton got third prize for the second heaviest trout. Jordan received a new rod and a trophy to go with the spot prize that he had already got for first trout caught in the morning session.

The Mc Bride Cup was fished for by the adults and in 3rd place was S. Martin , in second place was again a joint prize as both Aidan Loughrey and Alan Mc Farland caught the same number of trout and the winner of the Mc Bride Cup was Ricardaus Trainausas known locally as Ricardo with a superb rainbow of 7.95lb. Ricardo received a Voucher for Andersons for £100 plus a trophy to keep. 2nd and 3rd place also got vouchers for CA Andersons for £75 and £50.
Many thanks to all the guys from the committee(Maurice, Tommy, Richard, Brian and Robbie) who helped on the day recording numbers of fish and weights  and for Shane Colgan helping the juniors with their casting technique and fly presentation.


North-West Angling Festival

Shane , Brian and Tommy at our stall

Shane , Brian and Tommy at our stall at the North West Angling Festival

We took a stall at the North – West Angling Festival this year for the first time in a few years and it was a resounding success. We had a number of members manning the stall and we were all kept quite busy with queries on the fishing especially the trout fishing.

As part of the participation at the festival we usually run a small raffle to raise funds for a local charity. This year we supported the Omagh and District Branch of the Multiple Sclerosis  Society.

We had some great prizes with Omagh Anglers putting forward a wading jacket and a days fishing for two people . The ever generous fly tiers who display their skills at the show were  fantastic and we had a further five prizes from them and also three of the local shops. CA Andersons, NM Tackle and River Mourne Guns and Tackle Ltd sponsored fly boxes for the raffle. Read the rest of this entry »


David Campbell Omagh Anglers

Just to let everyone know that for the 2017 season there will be only one outlet to buy your Omagh Anglers permit. This will be CA Andersons Market Street Omagh.

Read the rest of this entry »


2017 74th Annual General Meeting Omagh Library 7:30pm

The Annual General Meeting of Omagh Anglers Association will be held in Omagh Library ,on the last Thursday in February, the 23rd February starting at 7.30pm.

All members welcome.

Terry Smithson
Honorary Secretary


Omagh Anglers members great handy work

New Steps to the Brummery

As Secretary of Omagh Anglers Association I would like to pay thanks to some members for the sterling work carried out at the Brummery on the Strule. They have made a fantastic job of the steps and handrails that take Anglers from the road side down to the river. Many thanks to the Thompson Brothers and K Pattison for all their effort , a fantastic job well done!


Honorary Member 2016 Club Person of the Year 2015

Tommy Quinn receiving Club person of the year from Freeddie Spratt and Norman Hall

[caption id="attachment_1076" align="alignleft" width="590" caption="Eddie Fisher receiving his Honorary Membership from the Secretary Terry Smithson with Tommy Quinn"][/caption]This is not an accolade which is afforded to many but this year 2016 Eddie(Minnow) Fisher was awarded honorary membership of Omagh Anglers Association. He is only the 4th person to be awarded this honour.
This was in light of the enormous amount of work undertaken by him and a few others in tidying up the river bacnk and cutting back trees and branches to help make the river more accessible for club members.
Eddie suffered a stroke in November but on my last visit this week to him he is all ready to embark to the river to start his 2016 season alongside his good friend Tommy Quinn.
Tomy was instrumental working alongside Eddie in getting a lot of the clearup operation completed in time for the season start.
The Members and Committee of Omagh Anglers Association would like to thank these two men for all the great work done over the last couple of years and also many thanks to all those who have helped in tidying up the banks including Malcolm and John Burke and D. Doherty and wish them all tight lines in 2016!


Secretarys Report Feb 2016 AGM

Secretary’s Report

Firstly, please be advised, you must have a valid Omagh Anglers permit before commencing to fish Omagh Anglers Association water. Anyone not having a permit will be suspended from the Association with immediate effect.

The 2015 season was quite difficult with long spells of little or no rain which had the effect of reducing angling effort over most of the year. The back end of the season did not get any better with almost the last 5 weeks being particularly dry.

We had a reasonable turnout, 42 anglers, in May for the annual competitions with Raymond Smithson winning the Mc Bride Cup and F. Armstrong again winning the Courtney Cup. Some lovely trout were caught by anglers on the day and prizes and trophies were awarded afterwards. The competitions will be held in May, with the date due to be fixed soon. I look forward to seeing a good turnout in support of the competitions and the club. Read the rest of this entry »


Bobby Rodgers Retirement

A presentation was held in in the Millstone for Bobby Rodgers on the 15th June. Bobby is a long standing member of Omagh Anglers Association and in February of this year he retired as an office bearer from the Association.

Bobby had been recruited to the Association in 1963 as a committee member by his uncle Joe Mathers who was the Treasurer of the Association since it was set up in 1943. He quickly progressed through the ranks becoming assistant treasurer in 1964 Secretary in 1967 and then Chairman after the late JV Courtney in 1979. He held the position of Chairman until his retirement this year 36 years in total.

The Association presented a large framed photo to Bobby of one of his favorite spots on the river. The Willy Wans on the River Strule which is just above the meetings of the rivers Fairywater and Strule on the Beltany Road out of Omagh.

Bobby recounted that many years ago he had tied himself ,a silver salmon fly ,and on its first outing he had captured two 12lb salmon from the Willy Wans.

During his time in the Association Bobby was recognised by the Queen in the Birthday Honors list receiving the MBE in 2001 for services to Game Angling.

Bobby’s knowledge of all the local waters and all the place names on the river was fantastic and he had many connections within the game angling network in N. Ireland . He had a steadying hand at the helm of Omagh Anglers Association for many years and was always the calm voice of reason . His input has had a great effect on those who follow in his footsteps.

The Association hopes that Bobby has a long and fruitful retirement and wish him tight lines for his days on the river!

Many thanks to keen photograher Brian McGillion for taking the photo .

Terry Smithson(Honorary Secretary)


Farson Wells Camera feed


We have now a camera in place at the meetings in Omagh, supplied by Farson Wells and thanks to Albert and Stephen Martin for allowing us to piggyback their internet to bring the live feed. We are also hoping to get in place a measuring guage but have been advised to wait until we have a flood so that we can pick the best place for it.
Hopefully this will in future allow visiting anglers to have a look at water depths before visiting the area. Just click on the link above

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