2017 Season as agreed at the AGM. Catch and Release from 1st October

On February 23rd 2017 at the AGM it was proposed from the floor and with a majority vote that the Association would make all waters of the Association Catch and Release  for Salmon fishing from 1st  October. Some had called for catch and release to be introduced mid September but after some discussion the 1st October was settled on as the date to introduce Catch and Release. It was decided that after this date that all salmon caught should be returned carefully to the river using full catch and release practises. Remember that bait fishing is not allowed after the 1st October as it is harder to safely release salmon using this method.

This was thought to be a better idea than closing the season early which had been done in 2012. Thankfully as the years have progressed we have now many more members practising catch and release so this should not really cause too much of an upset to most. I would like to thank all these members for being proactive in protecting salmon for the years ahead. We are complying with the majority of members feelings who attended the AGM in Feb 2017. Don’t forget if you kill a salmon then you are denying this fish the possibility of spawning which in turn will only help decline salmon numbers for future generations. Please see catch and release information below. Read the rest of this entry »


FASTA and the rainbow Trout infestation below Newtownstewart

There have been several meetings over the last few weeks with the affiliates of FASTA to organise the response and move the issue forward with regards the huge quantities of rainbow trout that are now in the Strule and Mourne Rivers.

Representatives from Omagh Anglers Association have been present at the meetings and are giving voice as to what should happen next regards this issue for our Club.

There have been several meetings with DEARA and Dawnfresh (owners of the fish farm) alongside other Statuatory bodies to try and find a solution to the possible 1.2million rainbow trout that have been released into the river system.  These trout will be in competition for food supplies and are more than likely to have a devastating affect on the natural trout and ecosystem of the Strule. Another meeting is taking place this week with the Loughs Agency acting as Facilitators. A lot of information has already come forward from outside groups as to the affect these trout can have and how we should remove them .

Anglers are reporting downstream of Newtownstewart of huge catches usually in the hundreds per day.

We need as much information as possible as to how widespread this problem has become. Please see the email address below of the Secretary of FASTA Mr David Nelson who is co-ordinationg the response and the way ahead for the clubs and affiliates of FASTA. He needs to get responses in to where the rainbow trout are being caught, what quantities and sizes are being caught and what sort of bait is being used. If you can provide this information it would be most helpful in painting a picture  for the ongoing battle. Davids email is :   davidnelson219@gmail.com

Many thanks in advance for your assistance

Terry Smithson Secretary.



Willy Wans and Coneywarren area of the River Strule.

As Secretary of Omagh Anglers Association I have been asked to make it known that the fishing rights in the  area known as the Willy Wans and Coneywarren area , left bank downstream , are OWNED not leased by Omagh Anglers Association. These rights were purchased by the Association along with other rights in that area in the1970s. With the fishing rights comes access rights.

Anyone caught fishing in this area without a valid Omagh Anglers permit will be liable for prosecution on the grounds of trespass on a Several Fishery and both Omagh Anglers bailiffs and Loughs Agency riverwatchers will be authorised to check for valid Omagh Anglers Association permits.

Unfortunately another group of anglers are intent in breaking up YOUR club and denying YOU fishing!


Presentation to local Charities

Shane Colgan, Terry Smithson , Brian Mc Gillion and Kenny Harvey handing over £500 to Ivan Gilmour (centre)Care for Cancer

Kenny Harvey, Terry Smithson and Brian Mc Gillion presenting a cheque for £500 to Joe Doran for Omagh and District MS Group

Hi all,

just to let you know that the monies raised from our raffle at the Fishing Festival in Strabane  over the last few years went to two worthy causes. Two £500 cheques had been presented to Omagh Care for Cancer and also to the Omagh and District Multiple Sclerosis Group.

I would like to thank every one who bought tickets for the raffles and also to all the fly tiers and retailers  who gave so generously to the Omagh Anglers Association in order to make these raffles a success.

Many thanks also to the Committee members who gave their free time up to assist on our stall



Fishing on the Rivers Camowen and Cloghfin 2nd June 2017

On behalf of Omagh Anglers Association, the Officers and Committee wish it to be known that the fishing rights (formerly known as the Belmore estate, now owned by the Rountree Family and leased to Omagh Anglers Association) have been recognised by a Declaration of Rights in the Fermanagh and Tyrone County Court on 2nd June 2017

The Association has been engaged in a protracted dispute with Camowen Anglers Association who disputed the validity of the rights. As a result of the court proceedings and subsequent judgement made in favour of Omagh Anglers Association, Camowen Community Anglers representatives have now agreed to abide by Court Orders contained within the Declaration of Rights awarded on 2nd June ,2017.

Omagh Anglers Association wish it to be noted that they have secured confirmation of their fishing rights in the areas outlined below:

‘Through and along the left hand bank facing downstream in the townlands of Lisboy, Deroran, Bancran and Drumduff (with the exception of a field in Deroran and formerly Richardsons farm in Drumnakilly) and  all along both banks in the townlands of Remackan, Ballintrain, and Drumlester on the River Camowen and that the confluity with the River Camowen and River Cloghfin upstream in the townlands of Lisboy and both banks upstream as far as Tattykeeran to the two Bancran boundaries in addition one bank on the Cloghfin River on the western Boundary of the townland of Radergan south of Beragh and also on the rights on the River Strule in the townland of Gortinagin’

Camowen Community Anglers have also agreed as part of the Court Order ,‘not to erect any signage which may suggest that they enjoy fishing rights in the area, to undertake to remove any signage which is already erected in the area and that they and their agents will not sell permits to fish on the said area . Camowen Anglers , their servants and agents shall not obstruct any person who has purchased a permit from Omagh Anglers or who enjoys a right to fish in the said area’.

With immediate effect anyone caught fishing in the above mentioned areas without a valid Omagh Anglers Association permit will be liable for prosecution on the grounds of trespass on a Several Fishery and both Omagh Anglers ‘ Bailiffs and Loughs Agency River Watchers will be authorised to check that anglers have valid permits.

Having spent in excess of £100,000 on the development of nursery streams and spawning beds on the River Camowen and its tributaries Omagh Anglers Association were compelled to defend this infringement of their legally held fishing rights and are delighted to have had these rights formally upheld in court. The Association has been supported in seeking legal redress by Mary Murnaghan (Murnaghan and Colton Solicitors), Michael Mc Crea BL, Kevin Mc Vitty MIRCS Neil Campbell Faris(Expert Conveyancer) and Richard Rountree and wishes to express their appreciation to all involved.

Since 1943 Omagh Anglers Association has worked steadfastly in pursuing its initial aims to protect and maintain access to local fishing in the Omagh area. Omagh Anglers will celebrate their 75th anniversary in 2018 and intends to continue to protect and enhance the fishing around the Omagh area in line with the Associations Constitution so that this wonderful sport will continue to be available to locals and visitors for generations to come.

Terry Smithson (Honorary Secretary Omagh Anglers Association)



Some photos from the Competitions at Birchwood Fishery 2017

Ricardo with a winning trout!

Davy Fulton playing a lovely rainbow trout
Keith Pattison brining one to the net!
Waiting on the results!
Anthony Lyttle netting a trout for Ronan Lyttle
one to the net!

S Martin waiting on the take!

S Colton with 3lb rainbow

some of the junior prize winners

J Smithson receiving a prize from Shane Colgan with Brian and Richard

Simon Harkness getting his prize from Shane Colgan

Aidan Loughrey and Alan Mc Farland joint second place

Gary Wolfe getting his prize from Shane Colgan


2017 Mc Bride and Courtney Cup Competitions at Birchwood Fishery Drumquin

Lionel Knobbs presenting prizes to Omagh Anglers Terry Smithson and Shane Colgan for the Birchwood competitions

Jordan Mc Farland receiving first prize and the Courtney Cup from Shane Colgan

"Ricardo" receiving first prize and the Mc Bride Cup from Shane Colgan

We had another successful event at the Birchwood Fishery this year .We had 38 anglers at the event with 11 juniors .The weather was much improved from this time last year which had provided us with gales and hail and sleet showers. The morning session was overcast but unfortunately for the anglers we had a cloudless sky in the afternoon and the fishing was indeed very difficult. We had our usual prizes and this year the Loughs Agency and Lionel Knobbs sponsored 5 of the spot prizes for the Association. A lot of trout were taken on the buzzers with others taking dryfly. The spot prizes were given out first trout caught in each session(Morning and Afternoon) and also for the most improved junior on the day. Simon Harkness and Gary Wolfe won the adult prizes and Jordan Mc Farland and Jamie Smithson won the junior prizes. Oran Mc Elroy was the winner of the most improved junior prize.

The Courtney Cup for juniors was this year won by Jordan Mc Farland  for the heaviest trout. He had a great day and could have featured in a number of the prizes, he knows the fishery very well! We had a tie for second place with R. Lyttle, C Wormersly, James Mc Farland and S Colton all finishing with the same number of trout  so all received a prize. Shane Colton got third prize for the second heaviest trout. Jordan received a new rod and a trophy to go with the spot prize that he had already got for first trout caught in the morning session.

The Mc Bride Cup was fished for by the adults and in 3rd place was S. Martin , in second place was again a joint prize as both Aidan Loughrey and Alan Mc Farland caught the same number of trout and the winner of the Mc Bride Cup was Ricardaus Trainausas known locally as Ricardo with a superb rainbow of 7.95lb. Ricardo received a Voucher for Andersons for £100 plus a trophy to keep. 2nd and 3rd place also got vouchers for CA Andersons for £75 and £50.
Many thanks to all the guys from the committee(Maurice, Tommy, Richard, Brian and Robbie) who helped on the day recording numbers of fish and weights  and for Shane Colgan helping the juniors with their casting technique and fly presentation.


North-West Angling Festival

Shane , Brian and Tommy at our stall

Shane , Brian and Tommy at our stall at the North West Angling Festival

We took a stall at the North – West Angling Festival this year for the first time in a few years and it was a resounding success. We had a number of members manning the stall and we were all kept quite busy with queries on the fishing especially the trout fishing.

As part of the participation at the festival we usually run a small raffle to raise funds for a local charity. This year we supported the Omagh and District Branch of the Multiple Sclerosis  Society.

We had some great prizes with Omagh Anglers putting forward a wading jacket and a days fishing for two people . The ever generous fly tiers who display their skills at the show were  fantastic and we had a further five prizes from them and also three of the local shops. CA Andersons, NM Tackle and River Mourne Guns and Tackle Ltd sponsored fly boxes for the raffle. Read the rest of this entry »


David Campbell Omagh Anglers

Just to let everyone know that for the 2017 season there will be only one outlet to buy your Omagh Anglers permit. This will be CA Andersons Market Street Omagh.

Read the rest of this entry »


2017 74th Annual General Meeting Omagh Library 7:30pm

The Annual General Meeting of Omagh Anglers Association will be held in Omagh Library ,on the last Thursday in February, the 23rd February starting at 7.30pm.

All members welcome.

Terry Smithson
Honorary Secretary


Omagh Anglers members great handy work

New Steps to the Brummery

As Secretary of Omagh Anglers Association I would like to pay thanks to some members for the sterling work carried out at the Brummery on the Strule. They have made a fantastic job of the steps and handrails that take Anglers from the road side down to the river. Many thanks to the Thompson Brothers and K Pattison for all their effort , a fantastic job well done!

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